U.S. Border Patrol: The Ugly Truth

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Border Patrol: The Ugly Truth ©

The truth is out there ..................... and its very ugly!!!"

What does this page stand for?

This page will serve not only as an outlet for frustrated publics, but also as a manner of educating the entire world on the disorganized follies that these public servants are participating in daily.

Why tell the Ugly Truth ©?

Only by bringing these embarrassing atrocities out into the open can we ever expect to overcome them and progress successfully into the future. Whether the future means a "new" patrol or "no" patrol is of little consequence at this period in time. What is needed immediately is the restructuring and reigning in of this rogue agency of federal cowboys!

Wanna hear some Ugly Stories?

Well hold onto your seats, pardners, this is where it gets incredible!

We now have EVEN MORE Ugly Stories. Be sure to visit pages two and three also.

Think you want this job?

Then your either brave, stupid, dangerously-curious, desperately out of work, a former drug dealer or murderer, or maybe you grew up in Texas! Whatever your excuse for madness, I will include some information for you. Just remember that I told you so!

A Closer Look Inside the Ugly Border Patrol

See what current and former Border Patrol Agents are spilling the frijoles about!

Historical References

Here are a few quotes for you:

"Its always darkest after you join."
"You only get out of it what you take out of it."
"Don't ask why, it'll only make you cry."
"The Border Patrol will never allow progress to stand in the way of tradition."
Amen! Hey, this site is for you...contribute a picture, story or quote today!

Would you like to make a comment or complaint?

Please send ANY comments you might have to the address at the bottom of the page into the guest book below. I want to know what you think. I want to know if I have your support or only your disgust. I would really like to hear your tales of actual experiences with the Border Patrol. Whether you wish to defend or defile the Border Patrol please allow me to provide you with the opportunity!!!

Check out this series on the Border Patrol and their problems and complaints from the Arizona Daily Star newspaper.

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Border Patrol: The Ugly Truth ©

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